Blackjack Tipps

Blackjack has been my favorite game ever since I was young teen or more aptly, ever since I saw George Clooney and Brad Pitt play the card game in the hit movie oceans 11. Since then I’ve been obsessed with his game and have spent countless hours not just playing it online but also teaching myself the various strategies there are involved in this complex, mathematical and wonderful game of cards.

The best thing is that once you learn these tips and tricks they work at both online and offline casinos and when a few of these strategies are combined together they really increase the chances of you earning a substantial amount of money as a result. So lets take a look at some essential blackjack tips that can help you play better.

Know the basics

You’d be amazed at how many people are completely unafraid of taking a shot at blackjack even when they do not know all the rules in and out. Now this might work at the roulette table or the slots machines but this is definitely the wrong approach to take when it comes to playing blackjack. For example a lot of people are not even aware that the ace card can be counted as a 10 or as 1, depending on what you choose and on the particular situation at hand. How can you expect to win blackjack games when you are not even aware of these important sub rules.


Play cautiously

While gambling as a whole is considered a game of chance, blackjack is a slight exception. That is mostly because it is a game that requires skill and strategy. Thankfully this means that you have a chance of actually winning games based on your skill rather than just relying on luck like you do in most other casino games. There is no hot streak or cold streak when it comes of blackjack. It is all about the cards there are dealt to you and how you make the most of the hand. Potentially every hand is a winning hand but whether you win or not rests entirely upon the decision that you take.

That is why if you’re a beginner then it’s important that you play cautiously. Experience gamblers are fond of saying this – the more money you bet the more money you can lose. Although some optimist gamblers like to look at it the other way around; that is the more money you bet the more you can win. This is largely true for those who have a high level of skill and enough experience. If you’re not one of them then you’re better off playing it safe.

Do not get distracted

When you are playing at a brick and mortar casino there are lots and lots of distractions around you. The shiny neon lights, the hot women, the buzz of so many people around you and most of all the availability of free alcohol. As glamorous as sipping Scotch on the rocks will playing blackjack sounds, you’d be much better off if you play with a clear mind. After all this is a game of mathematics & fast decision-making and you’d be capable of doing neither of those if your mind is clouded with hours of intoxication. While the casinos might constantly tempt you to consume alcohol it’s important that you refrain from it.


This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are choosing to play blackjack online now. Especially those of us who are very interested in making some extra money. Not only is playing online complete free of distractions, it allows you to play how you want to play. Maybe you like to take a while to ponder over decisions, something that you can’t really do when you’re playing in a real-life casino surrounded by other people who might not be as patient. At online casinos however there is no such hurry. On the contrary if you like to play at a fast pace then that is fine too.

While all these are just basic blackjack tips, there are plenty of other tricks and strategies there are out there waiting to be learned by you. If you wanted to take this seriously and have a chance at earning some handy money or even beginning a pro blackjack career, then you’re better off hitting the books right away. Do not forget to practice as much as possible on online casinos, especially those that offer some great signup deals.